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Study English

Approximately 360 million people speak English as their first language, and it is by far the most studied language in the World. LinguaFAST offers individual, group, and online English lessons for foreign students who want to master English quickly. Our professional teachers use a unique learning method that enables students to understand English naturally, effectively and FAST.

Study French

We offer online French lessons as well as face-to-face French language courses in Basingstoke, Winchester, and Southampton areas for groups and individuals. We will help you quickly and effectively learn the French language, its pronunciation, grammar, and all those one-of-a-kind sounds. Whilst learning, you will also become acquainted with the traditions and culture of France - the country of love, art, literature, and delicious food!

We also prepare students for Edexcel French GCSE and Edexcel French A-level exams.

Study Spanish

We offer online Spanish lessons as well as face-to-face Spanish language courses in Winchester, Basingtoke, and Southampton areas for gorups and individuals. Our qualified teachers will teach you all levels of Spanish - the second most spoken language in the world! Our classes feature a unique teaching methodology that adapts to each student, and our lessons are always interactive and fun! We will also introduce you to the cultural heritage, local customs, and traditions of Spain.

We also prepare students for Edexcel Spanish GCSE and Edexcel Spanish Alevel exams.

Study Italian

We offer online Italian lessons as well as face-to-face Italian language courses in Winchester, Southampton, and Basingstoke area for groups and individuals. Italian is the language of Dante, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Giacomo Puccini, and it's considered by many to be the most beautiful language in the world. We focus on all four language skills: speaking, reading, writing, and listening. The training program will also acquaint you with the history, lifestyle, and local customs of Italy.

We prepare students for Edexcel Italian GCSE and Edexcel Italian A-level exams.

Study German

We offer online German lessons as well as face-to-face German language courses in Winchester, Southampton, and Basingstoke areas for groups and individuals. Our professional teachers will make German accessible to you, and help you speak it with confidence. We will coach you through the grammar, writing, reading comprehension, and speaking quickly and efficiently.

We also prepare students for Edexcel German GCSE and Edexcel German A-level exams.

Study Russian

We offer online Russian lessons as well as face-to-face Russian language courses in Winchester, Southampton, and Basingstoke areas for groups and individuals. The Russian language can be challenging, however, our unique and effective methodology will help you to become fluent in the shortest possible time. Our professional teachers will guide you through the fascinating Russian language - the mother tongue of Tolstoy, Chekhov, Dostoevsky, and Pushkin.

We can offer an examiner /invigilator for Edexcel
Russian GCSE and Edexcel Russian A-level exams and help you to prepare for these exams to get a high mark.

Study Japanese

We offer online Japanese lessons as well as face-to-face Japanese language courses in Winchester, Southampton, and Basingstoke areas for groups and individuals. Whether you want to learn Japanese for undertaking an exam, for business, for travel, or just want to read manga or watch anime in Japanese, our professional teachers will be able to help. We will guide you through the maze of Japanese grammar, kanji, hiragana, and katakana, as well as dos and don'ts, traditions, and culture of the Land of the Rising Sun.

We can offer an examiner /invigilator for Edexcel Japanese GCSE and Edexcel Japanese A-level exams and help you to prepare for these exams to get a high mark.

Study Chinese

We offer online Chinese lessons as well as face-to-face Chinese language courses in Winchester, Southampton, and Basingstoke areas for groups and individuals. We will help you to immerse yourself into the world of the Chinese, and will introduce you to one of the most ancient writing systems - Chinese Characters! We offer an individual approach, as well as convenient locations and accessible presentation of material. You will also learn the customs and culture, as well as some very interesting historical facts.

We also prepare students for Edexcel Mandarin GCSE and Edexcel Mandarin A-level exams.

Study Korean

We offer online Korean lessons as well as face-to-face Korean language courses in Winchester, Southampton, and Basingstoke areas for groups and individuals. Whether you need to learn Korean for business, or just interested in K-pop, K-drama, or Korean culture, we will be able to help! We will teach you Korean in a systematic, user-friendly, and interactive way! You will encounter a one of a kind alphabet, that has very little resemblance to any other alphabet in the world. Also, in our classes, you will become acquainted with the idiosyncrasies of Korean culture, morals, and customs.

Study Ukrainian

Ukrainian is an East-Slavic language that belongs to the Indo-European language family, mainly spoken in Ukraine. The Ukrainian language is very soft and melodic. We offer online Ukrainian lessons and face-to-face Ukrainian classes in Winchester, Southampton, Basingstoke, and Andover. We have a team of professional Ukrainian teachers who will help you to master the Ukrainian language in the shortest possible time. You will also learn Ukrainian culture, traditions, and customs.

Study Arabic

The Arabic language is spoken in 22 countries and has around 350 million native speakers. Classical Arabic dates back to the sixth century - however, the earlier versions, including the Safaitic dialect - an old Arabic dialect used by the pre-Islamic nomadic inhabitants - existed approximately 1,500 years ago. Arabic is considered one of the most important languages in the world. Our teachers will guide you through the most effective, engaging, and enjoyable English learning journey. We offer Arabic classes in Winchester, Basingstoke, Southampton, and Andover.

Study Portuguese

Portuguese is the seventh most spoken language in the world. The Portuguese Language was the first to become global and continues to be of worldwide importance in the XXI century. Our professional teachers will help you to master this beautiful language most effectively. We offer Portuguese lessons in Winchester, Basingstoke, Southampton, and Andover. Whether you want to learn Portuguese for business, holiday, or casually, we will be able to help!

LinguaFAST is an innovative Language School based in Winchester, UK, but used internationally.

Language makes the world go around - without it where we would be? At LinguaFAST, language is our passion, and we provide you with the opportunity to be a part of the global community. Our professional team of linguists will design a training programme to meet your requirements, and provide you with a service that is second to none!

We run language classes for groups and individuals at various locations in Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire, as well as online.

We offer a very comprehensive range of courses for the world's most used languages; choose the method that best suits your goal and lifestyle:

Why us?
All our teachers are professional, passionate, language enthusiasts who have degrees/qualifications in teaching and real life experience working and living in the country whose language they teach.
Unique methodology & Individual Approach
Our methodology is unique, personalized, and supportive. We keep classes small for maximum benefit, and by linking each part of the study cycle to another, we strengthen and build your language skills. We will keep you motivated by creating a learning experience that is effective, flexible, supportive, and entertaining.
Successful Examination Pass Rate (GCSE, A-Level, JLPT, TORFL, etc.)
We are proud to have an exemplary success rate amongst our students!
We offer group, individual, and online lessons on weekdays, evenings, and weekends and also, using the UK and internationally based tutors, able to operate over multiple time zones.
All our teachers will not only teach you the language but will also give you a lot of useful information about culture, people, traditions as well as dos and don’ts. Our lessons are interactive and fun so you won’t just be learning the language, but also get lots of positive emotions!
Strong Social Responsibility
We believe that learning languages should be accessible to everyone. No matter what your physical or mental abilities are, we will do our best to assist and make it possible for you to learn a new language even if it requires going the extra mile!
Our team
All our tutors have the right combination of experience, teaching ability, and interpersonal skills to make tuition inspiring and fun

Rocio is a very passionate Spanish teacher who is well experienced in teaching both adults and children. Her lessons are always well structured, dynamic, and interesting. Her students always feel relaxed whilst benefitting from her clear and concise way of expressing some of the essential intricacies of the language, thus making lessons with her enjoyable and worthwhile.



Elina is a qualified French and English teacher with over seven years of experience. She has been preparing students for international French DELF, DALF exams, as well as UK French GSCE, and A-Level exams. Elina has taught all ages from 8 to 80. She can also offer you school/homework support and help you with all levels of French, whether you want to learn casually or for business.


Grigory has been teaching Japanese for 12 years. His positive teaching technique and love of the subject will captivate your interest and have you speaking fluently in the shortest time. His students have a high success rate in passing JLPT exams, and many of them are now studying and working in Japan. He also speaks Chinese, English, Slovak, and Russian.


Victoria was born in Crimea. She earned her Master’s Degree in Cardiff University and worked for The University of Manchester, Leeds University, and King’s College London. She has 20 years of teaching experience. From 2013 to 2016, she was a Russian teacher of the famous British actor Ralph Fiennes for his role in «White Crow».



Alexander is a talented linguist, who speaks seven languages. He has been professionally teaching English, Japanese, Spanish, Russian and Russian literature for adults and children for 15 years. He received his Master’s Degree at the highest-ranked Moscow Univesity (MGIMO) and lived in Japan for a few years. Alexander is very knowledgable in pretty much any subject so his lessons are always educational in every possible way.


Madina is a qualified Korean language teacher who prepares students for all levels of TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean). Whether you are interested in Korean culture, K-pop, or plan to live or work in Korea, Madina will be able to help. She is very friendly and patient — under her guidance, you will find learning Korean easy and fun!


Maria got her MA in Korean history in 2006 (Kyungpook University) and a Ph.D. in Korean studies in 2016 (Yonsei university). She has spent 10 years in the Republic of Korea learning its language and traditions. Her knowledge is quite diverse, so whether you are interested in K-dramas, Idol songs’ lyrics, sitting TOPIK exam, or just want to travel to Korea, she will be able to help.


Tatiana is a qualified Japanese and Russian GCSE and A-Level examiner/invigilator. She teaches Russian and Japanese languages in government entities, as well as in public schools and companies. She lived in Japan for over ten years, where she worked in a leading Japanese company. Apart from knowing Japanese like the back of her hand, she has an excellent understanding of Japanese culture, art, literature, work ethic, and lifestyle.


Anna is a qualified Mandarin teacher with 10+ years of teaching experience. She was born in a small town near China and lived in Beijing for 5 years. Anna is passionate about Chinese Characters and very knowledgeable in the history, culture, and traditions of China.


Helen is a professional German and Italian teacher with 15 years’ experience. She has taught all ages from 7 to 60, lots of different nationalities, and all levels. With her help you will become a more confident communicator and make a better impression on the people you interact with.

Jon and Ellie
We have been learning Japanese with LinguaFAST for the past 3 months and we are thoroughly enjoying it! Our tutor has a great depth of knowledge about the language and is always full of enthusiasm and passion, making for a fantastic learning environment.
If you’re looking to learn a language and have fun doing it then LinguaFAST is for you!

I have had Japanese lessons with my tutor since February this year, and I have to say that I’ve made some great progress in a small amount of time (4 months). I can now read and write hiragana, construct sentences, and follow the conversation as long as it’s not too fast. Originally I wanted to learn Japanese to help further my karate study, however, the lessons are fun and I’m finding it easier than other courses I’ve tried so I decided to eventually aim for my JPLT 1. I can’t recommend Linguafast enough!


Learning Japanese with LinguaFast has been a journey in the past five months. My tutor’s approachable and flexible style of teaching gave me the confidence to pick up a language from scratch and progress continuously. My tutor’s insight into the finer nuances of the Japanese language is also definitely rare, going beyond the scope of standardised textbook explanations. I could not recommend LinguaFast enough to anyone who would like to learn the language or just want to have a bit of fun with Japanese!


I have been learning Russian with LinguaFAST for the past academic year in preparation for my A level exam. I have not only been thoroughly prepared for these by working with
someone who has previously administered these exams but have also learnt the language to a broader level. My tuition has been personalised and clear, complemented by weekly homework that targeted any areas of weakness. The lessons have always been delivered with an enthusiasm unmatched by any other teacher that I have had. I highly recommend LinguaFAST.


I have been learning Japanese with LinguaFAST for almost a year now and I am really enjoying it. My tutor is very patient, helpful, and has lots of useful strategies and techniques to help me remember important rules or specific kanji. The pace at which I progress through the exercise books is dictated by me. This has really helped me get an understanding of the basics and not feel rushed or feel like I’ve been dropped in the deep end. I am very happy that I decided to learn Japanese with LinguaFAST!


I am thoroughly pleased with the tuition I have been receiving from LinguaFAST over the past year. Under the guidance of my tutor, I was able to build my knowledge very quickly, passing JLPT N5 after just 6 months, and being confident during my trip to Japan. The lessons are structured around the pupil, and my tutor has various teaching methods and resources to help you get the most from the lesson, delivering these with charisma and enthusiasm. I can unreservedly recommend LinguaFAST to anyone looking to develop skills in a foreign language.


Learning a new language can seem like a daunting task, but my tutor guided me every step of the way and helped me to unleash my full potential. As a result, I managed to do really well at my Edexcel Japanese GCSE which was a great achievement! The lessons are always fun and very informative, I enjoy the range of tests and mini-quizzes we complete to test my knowledge. I highly recommend learning a new language with LinguaFAST.

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