Japanese Writing System

Japanese is a very unique and fascinating language. It is relatively easy to learn how to speak Japanese — however, the Japanese writing system is rather challenging. The reason for that — Japanese writing system consists of three different scripts:


Hiragana is a standard form of Japanese writing and the first one that Japanese children (or foreign people) learn.


Katakana is used mainly for foreign words adapted to Japanese from another language.


Kanji — Chinese characters — are used for writing nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.


You can’t, however, write an entire sentence in Japanese just by using kanji as you do in Chinese!


However, challenging doesn’t mean impossible! Depending on your goal — whether you want to learn Japanese to converse with people during your trip to Japan, want to be able to speak Japanese with your colleagues, or, simply, want to learn Japanese to watch anime – you can adapt the amount of work you’ll need to do to reach the level you require.


Let’s dive into the Japanese writing system and discover its complex beauty! At LinguaFAST we have a team of professional Japanese tutors who will help you reach your​ goal expeditiously and productively!

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