Trade deal with Japan

In a post-Brexit world, British business will need to look for new trading opportunities, and amongst the most exciting likely to be available in the not too distant future is a trade deal with Japan.  Japan has signalled its desire to conclude a trade deal with the UK in record time but has also extended to the UK the possibility of joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which has 11 nations, including Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Canada.

Japan is the third-largest economy in the world, therefore any trade agreement between the UK and Japan provides enormous opportunities for companies with ambition to expand and diversify its customer base. Japan has long had a love affair with high-quality British goods, with the emphasis being on ‘quality’ and ‘tradition’, which means even SMEs can take advantage of new convivial trading conditions with Japan.


At LiguaFAST we have tutors that have lived and worked in Japan, understand in intricate detail the dos and don’ts of Japanese society, and in-particular their methods of doing business. Understanding these issues, and having a grasp of the Japanese language (even at an elementary level) will provide a distinct advantage to UK companies with global desires, no matter how modest they may be.


In addition to Japanese language tutoring, we also provide the following related services, for companies (or individuals) wishing to trade with Japan:


—        Japanese – English translation.

—        English – Japanese translation.

—        Website content (we also work with web designers to assist in website design and SEO).

—        Japanese business etiquette.


Contact LinguaFAST today to discuss how we can assist you with this fantastic opportunity to trade with Japan!

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