Audio-Visual Design

At LinguaFAST we always try to go the extra mile to provide an outstanding service for our customers. We are excited to announce that we have formed a partnership with a specialist audio-visual Company (AvexiA Ltd) to provide companies with professional assistance with their remote learning/communication technology.


Professional design and assistance of your meeting space/conference rooms can consist of the following:


—        Acoustic design

—        Space planning

—        Microphone type and placement

—        Acoustic Echo Cancellation (ensuring quality audio is achieved)

—        Camera type and placement

—        Screen type and placement

—        Control of the hardware

—        Communication with all types of video conferencing hardware/software

—        Group video conferencing


Specifically, with the impact of Covid-19, as well as environmental considerations companies are communicating more and more via video conferencing. If done well, this provides an almost ‘real-life’ experience and dramatically assists companies to communicate internally, with customers and also suppliers.


AvexiA has worked with some of the UK’s largest companies, but also operate with SMEs for more modest requirements, therefore if you wish to either add new audio-visual facilities of upgrade existing ones they will be able to provide expert assistance and ensure the audio-visual experience is first-class for not only your own site but that also of the remote participants.

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