What we offer

LinguaFAST provides corporate entities, organisations, and government departments with bespoke language training courses for groups or individuals as well as with translation and interpreting services.

We understand the very specific needs that businesses have and will work with you to ensure that the service we offer maximises a return in the shortest possible time.

Our tutors are first class, have exemplary experience in their chosen language, and in addition to providing traditional language tutoring, can also impart first-hand knowledge of the all-important cultural aspects, which are especially useful when business needs to be conducted.

We provide professional tutoring services for the world’s most important and preeminent languages in a number of delivery methods, therefore whatever your requirements we will be able to assist your organisation to communicate more effectively.

We provide the following:

  • Individual or group courses for beginners, intermediate or advanced levels.
  • Online, face-to-face or group lessons.
  • Recorded lessons.
  • Cultural, etiquette, colloquial and all ‘essential’ aspects pertinent to business travel/communication.
  • Flexible course lengths and intensity.
  • The world’s most used languages for business.
  • Accurate and fast translation services
  • Professional interpreting services in London, Home Counties, Hampshire, Wiltshire, and Berkshire areas, as well as online.
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